• 50MB Storage, with 2GB transfer
  • 5 e-mails on one domain.
  • $14.95


  • 500MB Storage, with 10GB transfer!
  • 20 e-mails through five domains!
  • $39.95

Frequently Asked Questions .. and Answers.

Is there a fee for your initial consultation?
We provide a free consultation to discuss site development.

Can we maintain our own site after it is developed?
You may maintain your site, but it is recommended that you have knowledge and expertise in utilizing an editor program that can resolve html or php. We can provide training for you to maintain your own site or maintenance on a monthly basis or an as needed basis.

What are the deposit requirements?
We require a 50% deposit for all design work. All web hosting, e-commerce packages, Domain registration and related fees and costs are payable in advance.

How long does it take to get a site developed?
This is contingent upon the size and complexity of the site design. The range is one week to four weeks based on your requirements and that all information that is needed is given to the designer.

What does our company need to provide?
Your company will have to provide all necessary text required for the various pages of the site. You may also furnish your company logo along with pictures of employees, products and so forth that you would like to include in the web site. If you do not have a logo one can be designed per your requirements to match design and pictures can be added later with-in the first three months of the start of design. It is recommended to have these items in the beginning for a better design.

How do we market our web site?
Your web site is designed with the needed keywords and meta tags necessary for submission to search engines. Each package includes search engines promotions after final design is approved. Site registration with search engines, banner advertisements, link exchanges, other marketing strategies are recommended. Contact us for more information.

Why should I have a website?
There is no limit to the sheer quantity of information you can make available on your web site about the products and services of your business, or the resources of your organization. Approximately 200 million people worldwide have access to the World Wide Web.

Web Application Design

There will be times when your customers demand more from a web site then just static information. Whether you need to pull customer records on the fly, allow your clients to update their information, give price quotes with the most up to date information, or carry out other real time computations then you will need web applications developed and integrated into your web site.

FAQ continued ...

What name will our company use for its web site?
Domain name registration requires the use of a unique name not already registered. It is best to have 3 to 5 alternatives. The normal request is . However, it may not be available for registration; if it is being used by a company with an identical name somewhere around the world. We can tell you what is available and register each Domain in 48 hours. Should you have a Domain Name already registered we can handle transferring the name for Hosting.

How do we control the design of our site?
We provide an initial design based on our consultation with you. You will receive a draft of the initial design and you may change or modify it until you are happy with your design. Once it is accepted, the site will be designed based on the finalized draft. The final 50% is due upon completion of site design or 3 months after beginning of design if all contents have not been given to designer.